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So What does
ViableView Do?

Simply put - It informs entrepreneurs to what products and niches have the most profit to be made in - often ones they didn't even know existed.

What are some of the clear indication metrics we project for users so they know what niches are best?
Opportunity Score
Competition Score
Monthly Max Profit
Monthly Target Profit
Monthly Revenue
Cost Margins
Profit Margin %
Historical Trends

How does that work?

We collect a-lot of little pieces information and data on products and services that people sell.

We then take all of that data and run it though what we call a Viability Simulation.

So we simulate (replicate the operation of a real-world process) to see how much profit and at what margin you would make if you advertised a product in the current market condition. We then output indication metrics to gauge if it is viable (capable of working successfully; feasible).

The Viability Simulation ultimately takes a-lot of messy un-usable market data and turns it into actionable insight for entrepreneurs via the indication metrics mentioned above.

Market & Product  Data Analytics

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Let’s reverse engineer a bit of how it all works starting with some of the raw data we collect and process for products are:
Average Order Value / Life Time Value
# of Sales / Users
Cost Per Click
Conversion Rate
# of Reviews
Estimated Margin

All of these data points are collected on a recurring bases with enables us to simulate and chart data over time along with make predictive models and identify and account for outliers.

Some of the outputs we are able to leverage from that data for each level of the market that play a critical role in the final indication metrics are:
Total Rev
Total Addressable Market (TAM)
Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM)
Ave Cost Per Acquisition
Ave Cost Per Customer
Ave Profit Margin %
Ave Cost Margin %
How long sellers have been selling
Number of sellers
How much of the market sellers are capturing
Sellers performance overtime
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How do we get our data?

We collect our data through a wide range of sources, predominantly from publicly available sources and proprietary algorithms. The more data we collect over time, the more accurate our projections become.

Are your projections 100% accurate?

Our projections are based on an ideal set of market conditions and are weighted to the better performing sellers. Therefore, our max profit derived from our industry average KPIs for opportunities, insinuates that all aspects of the transactions will be most similar to the best performing sellers.That being said, a huge aspect of the the ability to achieve our projection weighs on the variable of the sellers actions.

Our other data products:

Our other data related products such as the product and keyword finder, tracker, and market overview still leverage all of these same aspects, the core differentiators are the ability to analyse the market more granular or broad.

The Markets We Are Tracking

What we are currently live with and what's on the near horizon.

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ViableView has pioneered the digital product market. We're the only platform offering comprehensive data aggregation, modeling simulation, and market analysis in this billion-dollar sector.

Our unique approach empowers entrepreneurs with unrivaled insights into downloadable digital products, setting the standard for data-driven success.

Venturing into the physical product domain, ViableView is set to redefine e-commerce analytics.

We're introducing cutting-edge data aggregation and modeling tools, uniquely crafted to guide entrepreneurs through the complex terrain of physical goods markets.

Coming Soon.

Advancing into the SaaS and mobile app realms, ViableView is shaping the future of web-based solutions.

Our innovative projection simulations and unique market analysis techniques are tailored to empower small and mid-size entrepreneurs in these dynamic digital sectors.

Coming Soon.

Diving into real estate analytics, ViableView is poised to revolutionize property investment strategies.

Our approach extends to blue-collar and commodities markets, offering revolutionary insights and predictive simulations for diverse, data-driven industry advancements.

Coming Soon.

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